Get Ready to Supercharge Your Success!

The next 12 weeks will be a time of introspection, visualization, transformation, execution, and implementation.

  • New Training

    NEW TRAINING EVERY MONDAY FOR 12 WEEKS Every Monday, for 12 weeks, you will receive a new training video from me, along with a PDF worksheet for personal reflection and integration.

  • Group Coaching

    LIVE GROUP COACHING CALLS - In addition to the weekly training videos, there will be 2 LIVE group Q&A coaching calls with Dr. Erin every month. This is the time and place to bring your questions for Dr. Erin for individual laser coaching!

  • Bonus Training

    Enjoy 2 additional trainings that are included in your academy at no extra price. Dr. Erin's Facebook Bootcamp: "Sheroes of Social Media" and "The 18-inch Journey: Connecting the Head and the Heart to Attract More Abundance

Course curriculum

  • 01
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    • Congratulations!
  • 02
    Foundational Training
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    • Foundational Training
  • 03
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    • Facebook Bootcamp: Social Media Sheroes
    • 18 Inch Journey
  • 04
    Module #1: High Performance Productivity --GO!
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    • Week 1 - Power Up Your Productivity
    • Week 2 - Choosing My Best "YES!"
    • Week 3: Multitasking is a LIE
    • Week 4: The Law of Compounded Effort
  • 05
    Module #2: High Performance Psychology--SET!
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    • Week 5: Growth Mindset
    • Week 6: The Psychology of Manifesting
    • Week 7: From Probability to Possibility
    • Week 8: Claim Your Expert Status
  • 06
    Group Coaching Call Recordings
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    • Coaching Call 10/01/2018
    • Coaching Call 10/15/2018
    • Coaching Call 11/5/2018

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